Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lecture on "Passion to Win" at IOSTL Delhi Airport 28 Jan.11

On 28th January 2011, I had the privilege of taking a day long session of lecture at Hydrant Fuel Station od Indianoil Sky Tanking Ltd.'s (IOSTL) located at Delhi airport.

The participants were drawn from IOSTL's airport field officers. These officers toil hard to ensure that irrespective of day or night, rain or thunder, hot winds of upto 50 degrees or chilling temperature touching freezing point, the aircraft at Delhi Airport, are refuelled on time, safely, with assured quality, accurate quantity, withing the stipulated short stay of the aircraft on ground.

These unsung heroes work silently without anyone knowing the intricacies, complexities, importance and significance of their job as well as the values attached to it. Such jobs do bring in a bit of monotony,which can be eliminated by exercises like this one initiated by IOSTL's Chief Executive Officer. I won't hesitate to admire the management of IOSTL, who realised this and arranged a series of lectures to ensure that the morale of officers involved in this responsible and important job does not go down at any time.

The 6 hours' series of lectures entitled, "Passion to win", were divided in 14 participative sessions as follows:
1. "Who am I?" makes a difference
2. Role of attitude in building our own personality
3. Communication: A presentation based on USAF C-130 crash. A practical exercise.
4. History of aircraft refuelling from 1900 till date, including mid-air refuelling
5. A Video of "Mid Air refuelling" of a helicopter
6. History of Aviation in Pictures from 400 BC till date.
7. Hydrant Refuelling System at Heathrow Airport.
8. A study by IAF on how "Human Factors" affect performance.
9. Select fleet of IAF
10. A rare video of "Cobra Maneuver by Sukhoy 30 of IAF"
11. How failures of control on quality of fuel can allow "Bacterial growth" in aviation fuel filters
12 Analyses of human errors: How, Why, & Remedy

Most of the presentations were on Power Point, making them feel that their company cares for them and values how important their job is.

We started with New Year Greetings, since the year had just begun, we decided to start the new year with a new chapter in our lives by shunning the negative and thinking of positives. A presentation on "Role of attitude in building our own personality" emphasised on how to make our minds think positive, was most liked session.

The participants were briefed before the session that if they did not agree on any point, or had any doubt on anything which they felt was not understood, or anything was not clear, they were at liberty to interrupt me any time during the session/ talk and speak up without any hesitation. The participation was very encouraging and a some doubts raised by the participants were cleared.

Here are a few photos that were taken at the session.


  1. Saxenaji, this is Iyer from Bangalore. If I am right, you were GM at Ballarpur Industries, Chemals Divisionin, Karwar! If yes, please send me your contact on I was the one who was prinying your House Magazine!

  2. Dear Mr Iyer, Sorry to disappoint you as I am not the person you are referring here. I was flying with IAF, then with Indianoil Aviation and my last job was an adviser in Reliance Industries' aviation fuel department. Regards: V S Saxena