Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why is "Liberty Bell" called so and why is it cracked?

Why is the “Liberty Bell” of Pennsylvania called so?
Why is it cracked?

         Philadelphia has history that can be felt in every corner of the city. The museum, that houses Liberty Bell, is amongst prominent places of tourists attraction in the US.

         This cracked metallic bell, which weighs about 900 KG (2000 lbs), is one of the main attractions in Philadelphia. The Museum housing just the Liberty Bell, has records and pictures of Dollar coins and US postage stamps released to commemorate the historically significant Liberty Bell.
         Fabricated in Manchester, England in 1732, this Jumbo Bell was brought to Philadelphia by sea in 1733, in one piece.  At that time America was under British rule. (US got independence from Britain in 1776). 

         There are no official records to support this, but it is said that during unloading, the bell was dropped intentionally to show peoples’ anger towards cruel British rule.

         Though the bell could not be rung due to crack, it became an insignia of the American struggle for independence. Historians mention that the only day when this cracked bell was rung, was on 4th July 1776, on proclamation of independence from British rule.  

         Thus the name “Liberty Bell” became popular.

Written by V S Saxena


  1. This picture was taken on 10 Sept 2010 at Philadelphia, (Capital of Pennsylvania), on our conducted tour of US East Coast. The red and white building in the background is the “Constitution House”. Here during 1786-87, “American Constitution” was written by a team of prominent personalities that included Abraham Lincoln. The constitution of Independent USA was officially adapted on 17th Sept. 1787.
    Our memorable and unforgettable conducted tour to East Coast of USA (Sept 2010) was meticulously and painstakingly arranged by our daughter-in law Shweta and son Mudit.

  2. Nice article papa, well written and concise.

    1. Thank You Mudit. Please do thank Shweta for teaching me how to post a Blog on Blogspot.

  3. Thank you Mudit. Feels Good to know that you liked it.